Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dear B.I.S Community,

As the Prophet has only looked into the educational system of our beloved school, he shall begin to find more faults in its social body.

There are students from sixty different cultures and the school believes to combine all of these. Well, to a certain extent Murphy and Co. have succeeded, but there is and always has been a clear line between the germans or german speaking and the, how shall we call them? "Internationals". Each party believes to be superior to the other.

The function as a "prophet" for Bonn International School, has proven itself to be insufficient. Thus, I will reveal my identity. I am, as many of you have already speculated, a 12th grader and as my school-life is coming to an end, I realized that I had not changed anything or made any significant impact to this school. Thus, I have used this platform to communicate with most of you. I will continue writing these letters, referring also to my experiences as a student. Being positive and negative.

One of my notes on the social life at B.I.S. is, as I have stated above, the relationship between Germans and the "Internationals". Most of them do not really talk to each other, as "The germans are arrogant, look like homosexuals and the "Internationals" dress like homeless people and live on facebook", as I have heard a girl in eleventh grade say.

I plea for you to get along. Both parties have positive and negative aspects to their characters. Party together, learn from each other and soon you will see, as I have myself, that there are many extremely interesting people at our school. We have members that have seen the world and all of you are "special". B.I.S. children do tend to be avant-garde, but in a positive way. You all come from rich families and have a high self-esteem. If you try, you will get a long perfectly.

Remember: The grass is always greener on the other side. Dip that Bratwurst into some curry and take a bit.

Yes... and my name is Prophet.